Monday, February 18, 2013

More Health Legislation—Toxic TRIS

Toxins in our homes, schools and environment are an ever-increasing health hazard. As the Chicago Tribune reports, American babies are born with "the highest recorded levels of flame retardants among infants in the world."

Bills have been introduced in the Vermont House (# H.241) and Senate (# S.81) to ban toxic flame retardants like TRIS in furniture and baby products.

The Environmental Working Group published a study in 2008 examining the blood of mothers and their toddlers for levels of toxic fire retardants. In 19 out of 20 families, 11 different flame retardant chemicals were present in the children at up to 86% higher concentrations than the mothers. See the report here.

See the Chicago Tribune for a four-part investigation into the flame retardant scandal. 

We need to stop poisoning ourselves and our children. Let your legislators know you support the ban of Tris and other toxic flame retardants now!

The bills have support, but it is always best to send your legislators a quick email or note to let them know you are in support of the bills—every little bit helps.

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