Friday, May 6, 2011

Freedom of Choice

Whatever your personal decisions are regarding vaccines, it is important to have freedom of choice in the United States and the world, because once freedom of choice is taken away in one area, it can be taken away in other areas. To have informed freedom of choice, people need to have access to all sides of an issue.

Science is not one static block of information. There are different opinions, outcomes in tests and a myriad of components in how studies are conducted and reported. Science evolves and changes—you only need to explore history and you will find this consistently. The most common example is that prior to 1850 the notion of infection reduction due to hand-washing before surgery was dismissed as totally ridiculous and the doctor who promoted the theory was imprisoned. Now hand-washing is considered the most important aspect of infection reduction even with all sorts of technology available.

Antibiotics, considered miracle-cures and panaceas, are now known to cause all sorts of resistant super-bugs and other health issues. In a relatively short span of time antibiotics have gone from cure-all drugs to cautiously prescribed — an enormous shift in how the drugs are used.

So when billions of dollars are at stake in the world of vaccines, with its relatively short history, it seems prudent to allow full disclosure and transparency in all information, full access to all sides of the issues and most importantly, the freedom for individuals to make their own choices about what is injected into their bodies.

Here is a link to a referenced article from Dr. Mercola's Newsletter about the money trail of vaccine proponents and the attack on the National Vaccine Information Center, whose primary focus for decades has been freedom of information and choice.

Just as label-reading is important in the grocery store, regardless of what you choose to buy, so is virtual label reading of everything that is put into our bodies. What is considered life-saving and miraculous one day, may not be the next. Everyone has the right to make their own choices.

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