Monday, February 15, 2010

Cancer - Mammograms, TKTL1 and Diet

There is some interesting information surfacing about diagnostic tools for cancer. Devra Davis, PhD has written an excellent piece about mammograms on The Huffington Post, A Secret History of Mammography.

While mammograms may have their place and purpose, there are less problematic alternatives for screening such as ultrasound, more widely used in Europe. Dr. Johannes Coy, a German cancer researcher has developed a blood test for cancer, TKTL1. Dr. Johannes Coy’s anti-cancer (anti-Krebs in German) diet book is currently only available in German. For those curious and intrepid, you can find his book on The concept is that indeed diet can and does effect the growth of cancer. Dr. Coy's recommendations based on his research include a low-glycemic diet, with critical oils and proteins. Oil blends and other products can be found on the German Tavarlin Web site.

For those who do not speak or understand German, you will be ever thankful for Google Translate and although not perfect is most helpful for just this sort of situation.

Dr. Coy's work is groundbreaking and I hope will become more widely known in the United States and the world.

A truly public health plan is having access to ALL modalities and technologies, not just those dictated by insurance companies, politicians, pharmaceutical companies and narrow-minded physicians. There are a wealth of health care possibilities and people should be able to choose diagnostics and treatments just as they can choose religion, education, and appliance brands.

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