Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cell phones and Possible Cancer - It's true

A study about the safety of mobile phones ten years in the works by the World Health Organization (WHO) is to be released later this year. The sneak preview as reported by the London Daily Telegraph is what many have suspected – that long term and heavy users of cell phones have a significantly higher risk of brain cancer.

Russia, Israel, and Sweden have also done studies with similar results and all warn against the use of mobile phones by children and teens since the studies have found a five-fold increase in the risk of brain tumors in users of this age range. Canada has issued warnings suggesting that children and young adults limit their usage to no more than ten minutes a day.

In light of this it is recommended that people use hands-free technologies like speaker-phones or headsets, but not the wireless headsets, rather the plug in type - see photo.

See the Daily Telegraph story for more details and stay tuned for the full final report from the WHO.

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