Monday, September 21, 2009

H1N1 and Vaccine information

Since any discussion about H1N1 invariably leads to the issue of the flu vaccine, I would like to remind everyone that at the Links section of the Alternative Health Guides web site there is a section VACCINE INFORMATION RESOURCES with links to six excellent sites focusing on vaccines and health issues.

As long ago as 1902, a Dr. John Hodge was expressing outrage at the use of vaccines - at that time for smallpox. He says in The Vaccination Superstition, "
Think of the unparalleled absurdity of deliberately infecting the organism of a healthy child, in this era of sanitary science and aseptic surgery, with the poisonous matter obtained from a sore on a diseased calf, under the pretense of protecting the victim of the ingrafted disease against the contagion of another disease! Can inconsistency go farther than this? Inoculating an indeterminate lot of microbes into a healthy organism under aseptic precautions! ' Ladies and gentlemen of this society, just think of it"

If we could sort out the fear mongering and profit motives from the health care industry we might possibly start to get some sound information. Until then, we must rely on our own information research, personal judgement and choice, and healthy lifestyle.

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