Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Local Rocks

Ariel Zevon, daughter of rocker Warren Zevon, has opened a year-round farmers market and cafe in Barre, Vermont where organic and locally-grown and produced Vermont products are featured.

Like many towns and small cities across the country, there are no longer supermarkets on Barre's Main Street - they have moved out to the malls with the chain stores. Zevon chose to renovate an old department store, placing her new market right on North Main Street, following her philosophy of keeping things locally focused. Zevon is hoping to create more demand for local products by drawing on the community aspects of supporting locally produced products and food, as well as working directly with farmers to maximize the market for their products.

Visit the Local Agricultural Community Exchange (LACE) at 159 N. Main St., Barre, VT 802-476-4276; LACE is closed on Mondays.

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