Thursday, October 4, 2007

Health News of the Week


Researchers in Germany have released a study demonstrating the benefits and effectiveness of Acupuncture as a treatment for back pain. The study showed that almost fifty percent of the 1100 patients taking part in the research had sustained relief with Acupuncture as opposed to only twenty-seven percent finding relief with drugs and other Western therapies.
The BBC News web site has a more in depth article about this study as well as relative links - (As a side note, I find the BBC news to be an excellent source of world wide news not always covered by the American Press, especially with health related stories - check their Health, as well as Science/Nature pages.)

At the University of Vermont, in Burlington, Vermont, Dr. Helen Langevin a research associate professor of neurology, is conducting a six-year research project into acupuncture and its effect on connective tissue. For information about Dr. Langevin’s work, check out the UVM web pages below:

“Research to Investigate Response to Acupuncture” article at:

“Acupuncture Needling Gets the Picture” article at:

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